Recently live in Jl GKPN no 7 Puri Gayatri B18 Jatinangor-Jawa Barat. Born as the one and only female in my family. An B+ blood type. I was born on March 28th 1993 at Serang-Banten. Purely Islam since then and now on. Proud to be Indonesian. I’ve taken lol it means I’m not single.

Because it’s required to type down my number so yeah this is my phone number +6825711447506. This is my email I used to live in (it should be still) Jl. Kaswari no 22 kompleks Krakatau Steel Cilegon-Banten.

About my motto, I can mention two of mine, “Tuhanku lebih besar dari masalahku.” and “Proses lebih penting dari hasil.”

You can add me on facebook as Ria Herliani, on twitter as Squariax, on tumblr as Airiang, on youtube as Airiang0328 feel free to subscribe. The last thing everyone called me ‘neng’.

So that’s it some piece of my life, if you want to know anything just ask me. All photos or texts mostly aren’t mine, unless I give my credit on it. Enjoy!